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A health and fitness blog offering a guide for women and men about the treatments of various diseases as well as information on chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and AIDS.

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  • About The Best Sources of Stem Cells
    There are stem cells’ sources which are far superior to even umbilical cord, cord blood, bone marrow, dental pulp, menstrual blood, and adipose tissue. And they are: placenta, amniotic sac and amniotic fluid. These are named as the richest sources of stem cells inquality and quantity. They are pluripotent, which gives them the properties of
  • You Think You’re in Trouble with Addiction
    It all began as casual use. A drink or two after work. A hit of something to give you a boost when you were down. You told yourself you could stop at any time. That may have been true in the beginning, but now you’re living for the source of your addiction. You are consumed
  • What is The Flu
    The flu is the short for Influenza, is an infectious respiratory disease brought on by a virus. A few side effects of influenza could cause fatigue, sore throat, the chills, muscle aches and fever. For most individuals these conditions typically improve after a couple of days with simply some fluids and bed rest. The flu
  • Ensure Good Health for Your Pets
    When it comes to our own health and the health of those we love, we understand the importance of natural supplements. Taking supplements can support healthy body systems and functions and also provide preventative care to give us better energy and promote our overall well-being. That same kind of care is something we can give
  • Getting Financial Help for Breast Cancer Patients
    Getting treatment for breast cancer requires commitment. It’s not just about the moral support that is needed. It costs a lot to get the treatment that is required by a breast cancer patient. The financial constraint that the disease puts on its victims is a big concern. So much needs to be done even before


Date Submitted: 7-Mar-2012
Last Updated: 1-Feb-2015
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