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A health and fitness blog offering a guide for women and men about the treatments of various diseases as well as information on chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and AIDS.

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  • The Health informatics Review
    Health informatics is a new and evolving specialization in the growing health care industry. It combines information technology and communications with traditional health care to improve patient care. What is Health Informatics? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, health informatics is not the same as health IT, but the fields are related.
  • Lose Weight The HGH Way Now!
    HGH or human growth hormone is the hormone that the body secretes naturally. When the hormone works with insulin, it helps to build muscles. But, when this insulin is not there the function of HGH changes to releasing the stored fat and is utilized as energy. So, by manipulating the hormone environment, you actually trigger
  • Do I Need Rehabilitation Support or Can I Fight My Addictions Alone?
    Addiction is a serious issue, and if you have no experience dealing with rehabilitation, it can be confusing to know what path to take. Though some individuals are tempted to fight their addictions alone, choosing a supportive program with round-the-clock care is best for seeking long-term success. For many people, it is difficult to admit
  • Fitness Facilities for Children
    Modern fitness centers need to accommodate the needs of all members of a family. When parents come over to work out, their kids should also get the chance to have some fun through games, sports and other interesting activities. Therefore, state of the art gyms offer special rooms that are dedicated towards giving children some
  • 5 Steps for Becoming an Acupuncturist
    Once considered a “fringe” practice, acupuncture has evolved into one of the most recognized and requested forms of alternative medicine. You’ll enjoy a tremendous demand for your services if you choose to become an acupuncturist for a living. You still need training; however, that requires commitment as well as time and planning. If you’re interested


Date Submitted: 7-Mar-2012
Last Updated: 1-Jul-2014
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