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A health and fitness blog offering a guide for women and men about the treatments of various diseases as well as information on chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and AIDS.

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  • The importance of protein and where to find it
    Everybody agrees that eating the right amount of protein is vital for long term good health, however there are different ideas as to how much we should be eating and from what sources. Basically our cells, tissues and organs all contain proteins and they are constantly broken down and need to be replaced. When we
  • Pre-Existing Condition and the Health Reform
    Today many people have chronic health conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, depression, cancer and this used to be problem when shopping for the health insurance. But with health care reform all things are changing. Many health insurance companies are now offering no additional charges in case you have medical conditions. Even health insurance companies now
  • Bad Breath: Cure, Treatment and Remedies
    Halitosis or bad breath is an unpleasant odour of the mouth which can occur due to poor oral hygiene, food, medical conditions or other factors. Symptoms of bad breath: - The first sign of bad breath and the most obvious one is that you notice the unpleasant odour coming from your mouth. Other symptoms are
  • Just the Facts about the Breast Cancer Society
    The Breast Cancer Society, based in Mesa, Arizona is a charity that operates with a different philosophy or directive than most other breast cancer related charities and organizations. Rather than focusing all efforts towards finding a future cure, the bulk of the energy of the Breast Cancer Society is directed at helping women who suffer
  • Replacing a Hot Tub Circuit Board
    It can be quite disheartening if you come back home day and find out that you hot tub or spa isn’t functioning properly. In fact, the situation can be very disappointing. All you wanted was to come back home and soak in the freshness of a warm water hot tub or spa, and here you


Date Submitted: 7-Mar-2012
Last Updated: 1-Apr-2014
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