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Canadian Health Recovery Center is an established rehab for alcohol and drug treatment. Their program addresses the underlying neurological and biochemical imbalances that counseling alone cannot heal.

At CHRC, their approach to recovery is vastly different from traditional recovery models. The biochemistry that drives addictive behaviour and the physiological damage caused by substance abuse must be treated for lasting recovery to occur.

Their team of skilled clinicians and specialists deal expressly with the complexities of restoring the mind, body and spirit with a program that promotes recovery on several pivotal levels: biochemical, neurological, psychological, emotional, physical, nutritional and spiritual.

Canadian Health Recovery Centre
2225 Lansdowne St West
K9J 0G5

Website: http://canadianhealthrecoverycentre.ca/

Date Submitted: 13-Jun-2017
Last Updated: 13-Jun-2017
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