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Furniture and junk removal and hauling service in Austin, Texas. They provide urban recycling made simple. They provide junk removal, across Travis county but they also do everything possible to keep your items OUT of our landfills while benefiting others. All the work starts after the service professionals pick up your items. They will work to donate, or recycle as much of your items as possible. Additionally, if requested, The Junkluggers will provide you with a donation receipt! They service both commercial and residential customers.

The Junkluggers of Austin works with several groups throughout Travis county providing community based services.

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    Life can sometimes be messy. Sometimes, life events force unanticipated time urgency. Examples include moving, unexpected change of life, divorce, eviction, or even getting new furniture or something breaking. When life throws you a curveball, the last thing you need to think about is coordinating junk removal. Who has time to find a truck, some friends and somewhere to take it? You have more important things to do! The post Garbage Service Vs Junk Removal appeared first on Junkluggers of Austin.
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The Junkluggers of Austin
9701 Brown Lane #104
United States

Website: https://junkluggersofaustin.com

Date Submitted: 3-Mar-2020
Last Updated: 3-Mar-2020
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